• What is included in my Create A Gate kit?
    It’s easy. All our wooden gate kits are full and complete. When you view the image of your chosen gate kit, what you see is what you get. A pressure treated A-Frame, cladding(3 options) stainless steel screws, galvanised hinges, pad bolt, pozi head. It’s all there!



  • I’m a novice. How long should it take it complete my gate?
    It takes less than 2 minutes to make the self squaring, sag free A-Frame. The average time to complete an A1 Premier and A900v Create A Gate is about 35mins. Hinges and locks will take a further 10 minutes. The A900TGV will take slightly longer, usually around 45 minutes. For the much larger double gates we estimate the time needed to be around 2 hours.



  • I want a curve at the top of my gate. How do I do that?
    A very simple item included with this kit is a template for a curve. You just center it, trace it with a pencil and cut.



  • What about wall baton kits?
    To make every step as simple as possible your wall baton kit is supplied with weather top batons and stopper latches. Also included is masonry wall screws/bolts, wood screws and two pozi heads. You just need a 6.5mm masonry drill bit (and a drill to power it). Sold as one complete pack.



  • What height are the gates?
    All gates have a maximum and a minimum Height, adjustment is achieved by cutting away what you don’t need (inside the range supplied).



  • What width are the gates?
    All gates have a maximum and a minimum width. Adjustment is achieved by cutting away what you don’t need (inside the range supplied).



  • Are the gates suitable for automation?
    All gates are suitable for above ground automation.



  • How long will the gates last?
    Only after all timber is machined (cut and notched), do we then pressure treat the material. This should give a minimum 10 year life against rot. Maintenance with a good quality oil based timber treatment will extend the life of your gate much further.



  • How are the gates packaged?
    Gates all arrive shrink wrapped and securely packaged for full protection.



  • How does delivery of the gates work?
    Delivery is with night freight and will require an able bodied person to give the driver a lift with the gates to your driveway and a signature will be required.



  • I notice there’s latches, what kind of ironmongery is involved?
    In keeping everything about Create A Gate simple, all of our ironmongery is galvanised, all screws and fixings are supplied, and there’s a pozi head in there too.



  • I have odd sized gates, will I need to wait a long time for my gate?
    Create A Gate is adjustable, just chose the gate that is within your range of measurements and trim the frame to fit. No need to wait up to a month for made to measure gates, Create A Gate will be at your door in 3 working days.



  • You mention Tanalised Treatment – what is this?
    Tanalised treatment is when a high quality treatment is impregnated into the timber under extreme pressure.



  • Will my gate move over time?
    All timber is a natural living product and movement sometimes can happen, however we only use top grade Scandinavian wood which is slow grown and tight grained which helps keep but does not guarantee against movement.